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Availability Europe:

Summer 2024

Immanuel 'Ras I' Kerr, born in Kingston, Jamaica, in August 1990, immersed himself in music and instruments from a young age. As a versatile artist, he not only sings but also writes, arranges, produces, and plays guitar, keyboard, and percussions. Describing his music as roots reggae infused with old-school rhythm and blues and a touch of funk, Ras I draws inspiration from reggae veterans like The Abyssinians, Brigadier Jerry, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Uroy, and Peter Tosh, along with rhythm and blues acts like Smokey Robinson and Teddy Pendergrass.

Ras I's music conveys a strong sense of responsibility and purpose. He shares, "I create music to uplift and enlighten people. My music is relatable, offering a positive perspective on life." Soulful and wise beyond his years, Ras I's music resonates like a familiar old friend, providing compassionate advice. His focus is on building a timeless catalog of songs, aiming to enhance the legacy of reggae legends.

Presently, Ras I is working on the EP and video titled "Feel Alright," a heartfelt reflection on the joy of a love affair.

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