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Andrew Tosh & Next Generation Family feat. Keith Sterling

Duane Stephenson & Next Generation Family Live

Sara Lugo feat. Protoje & Next Generation Family Studio Session

Jahdan Blakkamoore & Next Generation Family Studio Session


Meet Next Generation Family, an exceptional reggae backing band and production collective that has been a driving force behind some of the most electrifying reggae music experiences. Committed to preserving the heart and soul of reggae, this ensemble and collective has cultivated a legacy of grooves and rhythms that continue to define the genre.

Next Generation Family is a collective of talented musicians and producers deeply rooted in the reggae tradition. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, they come together to create a reggae experience that stays true to the genre's rich heritage. With a passion for live performance and studio production, Next Generation Family has become a respected name in the reggae world.

Next Generation Family's live performances are a true testament to their commitment to reggae's live energy. Whether on stage with a legendary reggae artist or as the focal point of their own performance, their stage presence is a compelling journey into the heart of reggae. Their groove and rhythm create an atmosphere of unity and positivity that resonates with audiences worldwide.

In addition to their live performances, Next Generation Family's work behind the scenes in the studio has made them sought-after producers. Their expertise in capturing the essence of reggae and translating it into recordings has been the secret behind many reggae hits.

As we look ahead to 2024, Next Generation Family continues to be a vital force in the reggae community. Their dedication to reggae's authenticity, both on stage and in the studio, ensures that the reggae spirit remains vibrant and enduring. Their music and productions embody the true spirit of reggae. Next Generation Family have a history of working with reggae legends and emerging artists, enhancing the genre's legacy. Their live shows create a captivating atmosphere that transcends borders.

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