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Availability Europe:

July / August 2024

Duane Stephenson is a celebrated artist with a rich musical legacy. Hailing from Jamaica, his soul-stirring vocals and powerful lyrics have made him a standout figure in the reggae scene. With hit songs like "August Town," "Cottage in Negril," and "Think Twice," he has created a timeless catalog of reggae classics that resonate with audiences of all ages.

In addition to his classic hits, Duane continues to captivate listeners with his recent releases. In 2023, he's introduced fresh reggae anthems that reaffirm his place in the genre's pantheon. Tracks like "Make You My Queen" and "Trouble" showcase his ability to evolve while staying true to his reggae roots.

When Duane takes the stage, you can expect a dynamic and emotionally charged performance. His smooth voice and charismatic presence create an unforgettable live experience. Whether it's a laid-back acoustic set or a high-energy reggae show, Duane Stephenson knows how to connect with the audience and deliver an authentic reggae experience.

Duane brings the true essence of Jamaican reggae and has a repertoire of chart-topping songs loved by reggae enthusiasts. His timeless classics, as well as his recent releases, ensure that his performances are not just memorable but also an embodiment of reggae's enduring spirit.

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