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Spring / Summer 2024

Anthony Locks, a singer-songwriter, embarked on his solo career in 1999, drawing from his early musical exposure and live performance background. Over the years, he toured extensively across Germany and Europe, sharing the stage with renowned artists like "Jamaica Papa Curvin," Patrice, Jan Delay, and the Marley family.

In 2003, Anthony released his inaugural self-produced album, "Rebel," with support from Marco Fioravanti at Wera Sounds Studio in Stuttgart. His performance at Europe's largest Reggae festival, Summer Jam, in the same year garnered a positive response from the audience.

In 2005, he achieved acclaim at the first German Reggae Grammy Awards in Hamburg, securing wins in two categories. Anthony has since produced four albums and numerous singles, including "Cry Freedom." In 2021 his latest album, "Holding Me," has garnered attention, and recent single releases "A Place" and "All This Time" have also gained recognition.

His extensive festival appearances range from Chiemsee Reggae to Splash, while he has also graced numerous clubs and venues across Europe.

Anthony's versatility extends to playing four instruments—drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards—as well as expertise in sound engineering and music arrangement.

Looking ahead to 2024, Anthony Locks will present his latest showcase combining his singing and drumming skills with Roots and Dancehall music, accompanied by self-produced backing tracks, creating a captivating fusion appreciated by audiences.

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