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Fire Farm Studio

Sound institute  since 1995


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Since the foundation of the label Family Music/ NGF Entertainment, the Fire Farm Studio has been a creative spot for the realization of all former and upcoming music productions ever since. Since 2015 the Fire Farm Studio has also been the place of recording the so called Fire Farm Sessions, which are worked out and recorded in cooperation with the band Next Generation Family.

Since 1995 Fire Farm Studio is a well known institution and pilgrimate site for Audiophiles from all around the globe. Its location is in the heart of Munich about 20 minutes away from the city center. Dispite the perfect public transit connection, it still remains as one of the last chillout spots in a natural remote location and a perfectly inspiring environment bordering the city of beer.
Throughout the last 20 years we`ve been known as one of the most influential names for productions in several genres like: R'n'B / Reggae / Dancehall / Hip Hop / Afrobeat / Acoustic / Soul / Rock / Jazz and many more

In the early years it was known as Magus and Fool Studio built by Benjamin Zecher, Janis Carow and Philipp Winter. Latter became successful as Umberto Echo being responsible for the audio mix for many known artists like: Quadro Nuevo, Dub Inc., Josh Roseman, Jojo Mayer, Jamaram, Seeed, Gentleman, Wally Warning and many more.
A couple of years later it developed into a Studio cooperative between Elevator Studio and Fire Farm. Two of the most well-respected underground sound institutes.

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