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UWE BANTON Biography

In 1981 he travelled to Jamaica for the first time. He was 15 then and he obtained first hand experience through contact with the local people and the music scene which dominated life on the island and still does. But he had already been introduced to reggae music by a school friend who made him listen to a record of Bob Marley. And it was the „reggae king’s” rhythm that decisively influenced Uwe’s orientation as an artist later on.

In 2000 Uwe Banton met soul singer Xavier Naidoo from Mannheim. As a result of this encounter Uwe Banton and MOVEMENTS singer Jah Meek took part in the oncoming “Zion”-tour of the Söhne Mannheims which introduced them to a broad public. 

Long time veteran Uwe Banton can look back on many successful years in the Reggae industry, still captivating with his unique and soulful voice. There is no major Reggae Festival in central Europe where Uwe Banton has not performed yet. Uwe's fanbase stretches internationally. His recent Africa Tour made a memorable impact.

With upcoming brand new music up his sleeve, Uwe Banton is ready to step into a new chapter in his career in 2020.


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