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Prolific recording and performing artist, bi-lingual lyricist, published author, radio host & producer, the self-proclaimed Reggae Ambassador of Indonesia, Ras Muhamad has relentlessly and ceaselessly spread the message of Reggae from the aspects of culture and history throughout Indonesia and to the likes of South-East-Asian regions. Indonesian-born and raised, educated in New York City for over a decade long.

Ras Muhamads musical influences other than Reggae, Ska, Dancehall and Rocksteady ranges widely from Hip-Hop, Indonesian traditional and pop music, Jazz, Metal and World music. Lyrically, he draws many inspirations from Hip-Hop icons such as Rakim, KRS-One, Was and Wu-Tang. To simply put his vocal and lyrical style is that of a Hip Hop MC molded by the spirit and energy of Sizzla Kalonji and Garnet Silk. Evident in his countless tunes where he effortlessly is capable of switching diverse lyrical deliveries from English, Jamaican patois and Bahasa Indonesia.

Not just active in the Reggae Culture, Ras Muhamad challenges himself to collaborate with other genres in the music industry. To express himself as an artist and give the "Reggae breath" to other forms of music is challenging to an ever-growing and evolving artist. So forth, the Reggae Ambassador is armed with experience as of a veteran to step into a new scene. Hailing and raring with his brand of indionseian Reggae music to any part of the world.

Ras Muhamad continues to successfully link the Indonesian culture with the contemporary reggae scene. His highly anticipated new album „Satryo“ will be presented on Europe's stages in summer 2020.


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